Personnel transfer equipment for offshore and emergency applications, containment barriers and life rafts Simulation.

On October 11, 2018, a large simulation of Flexprin Marine products was carried out at the base of Clin (former UTC shipyard), with an emphasis on the personnel transfer equipment for offshore and emergency applications Apollo-6, SOLAS Life rafts: manual and Davit launch models and oil containment, floating solid waste barriers, permanent and port models. […]

Angevinier´s inflatable floating device approval – Capacity: 50 people – validity 2023

Flexprin proudly announces the renewal of it´s traditional “Angevinier” inflatable floating device (AFI) approval by Diretoria de Portos e Costas (DPC).It is the only inflatable floating device manufacturer company approved in Brazil. The certificate has validity until 2023. If you have questions about our DPC approved products, please consult the DPC website: Certificado DPC […]

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